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We’d like to share our joy and pride at a recent publication that our company made in one of Montreal’s prestigious magazines, Top Agent. It is an elite publication of the Real Estate Industry. It features the best real estate agents in all of Europe and North America. Being mentioned in it is a great honor and we are truly glad we have earned it.

The Top Agent magazine is far from being a “best agent list”. It offers real value to its readers by following top-producing agents’ careers, providing an in-depth look into their approach, and allowing readers to learn from them. It has an edition for each of the U.S. states as well as an edition for Europe and one for Canada.

Good Business is When Giving Comes First

The article opens by talking about the founder of our company, Stanimir Rashev, and his start as a real estate business professional back in 2005. The magazine makes the important distinction of what the job meant to Stanimir – it has always been much more than just a career for him. It was his way of making real change in people’s lives. It was his way to work for the greater good of the immigrant community in general.

As a recent immigrant himself, Stanimir always understood the difficulties faced by new Canadians from Bulgaria and elsewhere in the world. Those difficulties include the language barrier, a very real financial hardship and many more small and large obstacles that can turn an already not-so-simple immigration from an obstacle course into a wild jungle trek. When you can make a difference in one person’s life by helping them buy a home, and then do it for another, and then another family, you feel like your business has real worth.

To emphasize this point, the magazine article gives an example of one of Stanimir’s earliest deals. It was a project to help a couple save their house. They were going to lose it due to lots of accumulated debt. They were facing a tragedy. The banks had turned them down and they were going to hit the street only six months down the road. Stanimir pulled all possible connections and didn’t rest until he managed to secure a private loan for them. Their credit was reestablished and they were able to keep their matrimonial home.

The magazine went on to quote Stanimir when he said “Seeing the life and joy in their eyes when the loan went through; I knew this was the real reason I became a mortgage broker.”

The Bumpy Road to Success

Stanimir had faced his own challenges on the first stages of his business and as a recent immigrant himself, but his unique approach of putting his client’s needs first had given him the social capital that is the real foundation without which no business can really succeed.

The Top Agent article also mentions that Stanimir is fluent in English, Serbian, Bulgarian, and Russian, which “is certainly a welcome benefit for those clients. While he serves the entire Quebec and Ontario provinces with his mortgage broker services, Rashev has a special place in his heart for new arrivals who need his help.”

The corporate creed and value system of Best Mortgage Montreal is based on those principles. The result is a mortgage brokerage that gets the best for their clients, no matter what. Stanimir doesn’t just accept a bank’s decision, he negotiates to improve it. The loan rate should be the best possible and the loan conditions also.

We lead by setting an example and make sure to give before expecting anything in return. For us, this is the only way not only to do business but to live a life.

Top Agent Magazine Stanimir Rashev

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