Our Engagement With Montreal’s Bulgarian Community

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Our Engagement With Montreal’s Bulgarian Community

Any business is an integral part of the community it operates in. Even considered aside from moral considerations, a business which is detached from its direct environment lacks purpose, energy and simply won’t have as much success. We at Best Mortgage Montreal are inspired to lead by example, and make sure we give before we expect to receive anything in return. This is the way we do everything, not just business.

This principle is a hundred times more relevant in the field of mortgage brokering. When a broker has the client’s best interests in mind, the deal is beneficial to both sides. A relationship is formed, an unspoken bond is written, and the entire community thrives. This approach is not only ethical, it is practical as well. Our engagement with the local community has proved this to be a sound approach again and again, over many years. When people, businesses, and communities help each other, everybody is better off for it. This is the only right way to do business – by strengthening the community from within.

Best Mortgage Montreal’s Bulgarian Roots

Our company is led by Mr. Stanimir Rashev, an astute businessman and real gentleman. He has always been a part of the Bulgarian Community and has established a strong bond to its many members. Being a relatively recent immigrant himself, Stanimir has a profound understanding of the reality of immigrant life, and the multitude of difficulties it entails. The search and negotiation for the best mortgage conditions for every single client goes beyond good business and customer service in his case. It is a personal goal to help as many new Canadian Bulgarians as possible in settling here in their new country, and building a new life for themselves, their children and their entire Bulgarian community.

Stanimir’s engagement with Montreal’s Bulgarian community goes well beyond mortgage rates search, however, and takes a direct approach. He’s been one of the members, and longest standing supporters, of the Sveti Ivan Rilski Bulgarian Church in Montreal and has recently hosted an event in the church.

Bulgarian Church

The Sveti Ivan Rilski Church is one of the biggest in Montreal. It was established in 2002 and is part of the Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Diocese of the U.S., Canada and Australia. It is a well known place of worship and a center for many events and activities. It hosts cultural events and charities for and in the community.

The event Stanimir hosted had attracted over 300 people. There was a service and a free lunch, which is one of the traditional ways to say “thank you” to the community and greet the approaching Christmas holidays together. The lunch had turned into a very nice party and everybody had a great time.

This kind of happening allows us to offer a helping hand to members of our community and give them our services. With us they are safe from the cutthroat fees and unfair conditions that they might encounter when working with a mortgage brokerage outside their community. After all, we immigrants understand each other like nobody else can, and should stick together.

This cement-strong bond is the main secret and cornerstone of any thriving community. We are stronger when we’re together and are helping each other in everything. Best Mortgage thanks the Bulgarian church and Bulgarian people of Montreal for allowing us to participate and contribute to the community. See you all next time!

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