Good neighbors and Bad neighbors

So you have decided to move. You’ve found your dream house, in your dream area, and you are excited about your new life. But there is one problem: the neighbors are awful. They can be loud at night, they complain about everything, and are constantly putting you in a bad mood. Here is a guide on how to be a good neighbor, and how to deal with bad ones.

Here are some tips on what makes a good neighbor:

1. Introduce yourself.

You don’t have to invite each other over for dinner, but you should know them well enough to make small conversation and be on a first name bases. This way you are able to borrow and share things with them, which builds trust. When someone new moves next to you, you can welcome them with some homemade cookies, or fresh lemonade to get to know them and build a good relationship.

2. Give your neighbors notice.

If you plan on renovating your house, or on having a party, give them warning in advance for the noise, and thank them for their understanding. This way you can avoid upsetting them, which will help for a positive atmosphere.

3. Discuss issues.

Be open with your neighbors, it’s always better to mention problems, than holding them in to the point where you get angry. Your neighbors might not be aware of their mistakes. Explain your problem calmly, with a positive attitude, and try to avoid being passive-aggressive. You can also ask them to find a solution for the problem together, to find a compromise thats suitable both sides.

If you will follow these three tips, and your neighbors do as well, you can be sure to have a peaceful relationship with them. However, some neighbors are not understanding, or interested in making compromises. This is why it is important to know how to deal with bad neighbors. Here is a list we hope will help you with your bad neighbors.

1. Be open for compromises.

Try to express your problems in a calm, and understanding manner, and do everything to find a solution that satisfies both sides.

2. Cooperate with other neighbors.

If your neighbor doesn’t want to find a compromise, you may want to look for other neighbors who are struggling with the same issues. You might find someone who has a better relationship with your neighbor, and who is willing to help resolve the problem. If that doesn’t help you can team up with other neighbors and formulate a written complaint to the condo- or homeowners association. They might be able to function as a mediator, or find a solution.

3. Involve a lawyer.

You got to the point where you have tried everything you could possibly think of, but there have still been no changes? The next step might be very costly, and will for sure not smooth over the relationship, but it can be very helpful. Hire a lawyer to write a letter, with an explanation on the legal consequences to your neighbor’s actions. A good lawyer will also provide you with advice on further legal solutions. One possibility is to take your bad neighbor to a small claims court. Here you represent yourself, which can avoid high lawyer expenses. If you decide to go this way, you will have to prepare yourself properly. Provide proof to your claims, make sure you know the legal situation, and calculate a realistic damage estimate. .

For further information on how to manage bad neighbors follow this link:

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