Mortgage Debt Consolidation

The service of debt consolidation is quite in demand nowadays, and it comes as a no surprise. Many people see their bills piling up and becoming more and more problematic, thus it causes a need to arrange it and make the bills more manageable, not to mention lowering of monthly installments.

Debt consolidation through your mortgage is a perfect option to consolidate your debt, lower the interest rates, and make the debt more manageable and less time-consuming. This way, the debt will be secured against your property, which will sink the interest rates of other debts and bills. After having chosen the option of debt consolidation, for example, you may consolidate the debts on your car loan, credit cards, and other consumer loans with your mortgage loan. It will deprive you of headache concerning paying all your bills and significantly reduce the interest rates (it may be even reduced by 50%).

In addition to that, you will lower the chances of your default by consolidating the debt as you will have more money (that have been saved thanks to debt consolidation) for paying off the mortgage loan. However, there are some fees you will incur in case of resorting to debt consolidation, and you will need a good mortgage broker with a high expertise for that purpose.

Our mortgage broker will surely provide you with a breakdown of the forthcoming fees and the amount of money you will save during a specific period of time. It will give you an opportunity to reassess your risks and financial capabilities and to see whether it is worth to consolidate your debts. Moreover, our mortgage broker boasts his huge experience in the market, and so you can be sure to turn to us and consult us anytime in order to get a professional help.

As a rule, anyone who wants to consolidate his debts must be a home owner and have at least 20% of home’s equity. Yet, you may calculate whether debt consolidation is worthwhile for you: take all the bills (along with your mortgage) you pay each month and divide them by the gross total income per month. Contact us right away if the number exceeds 0.50. And even if the figure is below that level, our mortgage broker can help you save a decent sum of money and organize your finances with the option of debt consolidation. For sure, debt consolidation is an option that has to be considered. Contact us anytime and we will consult you concerning debt consolidation.

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