You won’t listen to our financial advice. Here is why?

Almost three quarters of young adults – those in the 25-35 year age group – believe that professional financial advisors can be of use in helping them manage their financial affairs.

However, one in four are still skeptical that financial advisors have anything good to offer.

Here are six good reasons why these people should think again.

1 Professional financial advisors are more objective

You may think you are taking a cold, unemotional look at your personal circumstances, but in reality it is very difficult to take a step back and assess your situation with a cool, hard eye.

A professional financial advisor can separate out the facts from the emotions and make you see your position in a new light.

Getting a different perspective and a range of possible solutions that you may never have thought of can help to point you in the direction towards solid financial management and prevent you from taking decisions that you may later come to regret.

2 Your parents don’t always know best:

In the past, your parent’s generation didn’t bear quite the same heavy student debt burden or face the increasingly competitive job market as young people today. They probably didn’t need to plan for their future in quite the same way as you do if you want to achieve your goals.

Although your parent’s intentions may be well-meaning their limited financial literacy means they are probably only aware of a relatively small percentage of the money management and financial planning options available and so are not necessarily in the best position to offer the most up-to-date and relevant advice.

The wisest choice may be to listen to what your parents have to say and then talk to a trained professional financial advisor who works on a day to day basis in personal finance issues to see what other options regarding money planning, credit, mortgages and debt management are out there.

3 Develop the financial plan to achieve your goals

You may be clear on what you want but not necessarily be aware of how your individual financial decisions may ultimately make or break your life goals.

A professional financial advisor is trained to look at the bigger picture and will be able to show you how the financial decisions you make today can have an enormous impact on the life style choices that will be available to you in the future.

Why not make your financial decisions with your eyes wide open rather than being blind-sided later by avoidable events that you never prepared for?

4 Enjoy Peace of Mind

Financial worries are a major source of stress for many Canadians. But often these worries could have been avoided if a little more thought and care had gone into planning your finances right from the start.

Talking to a professional financial advisor will enable you to better understand and control your personal spending and equip you with the knowledge you need to manage your affairs effectively so as to achieve your goals without undue money worries.

5 Building your Nest Egg

Though it may seem impossible right now, ultimately old age and retirement creep up on all of us. With a solid financial plan you will be able to steadily save for your golden years AND enjoy a comfortable life today knowing that your financial future is being taken care of. A professional financial advisor can show you the way.

6 Insurance and Protection

You don’t want to risk losing everything you have worked so hard to earn by being unprepared. Your professional financial advisor can explain how to safeguard your assets by setting up adequate protection and insurance for all your investments right from the start so that you don’t get short-changed by unexpected developments.

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